We are waiting for you in IFC 2018, Beijing Published:2018-04-02

Infocomm China 2018 is going to be held in China National Convention Center from 11th to 13th April. With leading technology products and solutions, Infocomm China provides a platform for integrators and end-user from all over the world.

InfoComm China 2018 
11th -13th April, 2018

National Convention Center, Beijing

Transtech will bring its fist products including Legend LED mesh, iPoster- digital poster, Discovery series fine pitched LED screen and glass-free 3D AD player to this exhibition. 

Developed by Transtech team alone, Legend LED mesh can replace traditional LED display and is designed for creative display in city landmarks building. 

With light weight design, hidden bracket, plug and play, cascading installation, iPoster is perfect for different application. Controlled by phone, computer and USB connection, iPoster is easily operated. iPoster is for sale and rental.

Discovery adopted die-casting aluminum cabinet, good heat dissipation, high degree of protection. With patent front maintenance, the cost of maintenance is low. Golden ratio 16:9 display image, achieve 2k, 4k, 8k easily. Discovery is waiting for you in exhibition.  

11th -13th April, Transtech team is looking forward to meeting you in National Convention Center, Beijing.