Transtech P3.91 LED Screen Explores its shining moment in the Convention Center, Iran Published:2016-02-16

At the beginning of 2016, Transtech welcomes its great news that the LED display installed in Convention Center, Iran has been successfully put into use. Excellent image delivery, strong cabinet quality, quick install devices design makes this product highly complimented by our customers. This project sizes at 40sqm, mainly used to undertake the grand conferences. 

P3.91 LED Screen

Transtech P3.91 Explorer series can be divided into indoor and outdoor application, and thanks to the unique cabinet design, Explorer series can also be applied in Rental LED display case. Transtech's Explorer series is perfect for outdoor/semi-outdoor applications with its distinguishing features of high brightness, excellent waterproof, dustproof performance and convenient front maintenance service.  

P3.91 LED Screen

Explorer series features as below:
1. High Definition delivery, wonderful visual experience
With pixel pitch of 3.9mm, audience will get very comfortable viewing experience without granular sensation even in a close viewing distance of 3-4 meter. 
2. High efficient LED chip, great contrast ratio, low power consumption
High efficient LED chip plus black mask marks it a higher contrast ratio. Meanwhile, low power consumption and less heat dissipation make Explorer an environment-friendly product.
3. Easy disassembly and installation, quick maintenance 
It needs only ONE PERSON to finish the whole installation thanks to the light weight cabinets with special lock devices. Less failure and low maintenance cost benefits our customers. 
4. Best recommendation for Rental LED application. 

Adopting high quality raw materials, Explorer series owns strong cabinets with unique lock devices which make it perfect for Rental Applications.

P3.91 LED Screen

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