Transtech Explorer-II Series Rental LED Displays Decorated Qatar Motor Show Published:2019-01-27

The 8th edition Qatar Motor Show was successfully held at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center recently. The TransTech Explorer-Ⅱ Series Rental LED Displays were used as the major advertising media throughout the show. They delivered a visual feast for audience and provided a great tool for the exhibitors that got great reviews from everyone that saw the system. 

This project adopted the TransTech Explorer-Ⅱ Series P3.9mm rental LED display modules, which are made from a magnesium alloy material that helps makes cabinet very light-weight that is still extremely strong while making it a great performer for use as a rental screen. You can count on it to be able to handle tough treatment from the crews. These cabinets are quick and easy to install, require almost no tools, they support maintenance from the front or rear which can greatly reduce installation costs. The LED panels can easily be mounted to any wall or hung from above without a frame at all, just the LED panels connected together that can support their own weight.

The Explorer-Ⅱ LED display uses the most advanced SMD LED (surface mounted device) components. Our patented production methods and innovative design with all internal wiring helps to differentiate us from the other seemingly similar products that are on the market. The 5000:1 high contrast ratio and high refresh rates enable smooth and natural looking screen motion captured by today’s cameras. The Explorer II features a 140 degree viewing angle and adjustable screen brightness. This enables the audience to enjoy the rich, soft and vivid visual experience from a system that is silent, extremely reliable and in-expensive to operate. It can easily be deployed in exhibition halls, performance stages, shopping malls, advertising billboards and many other indoor & outdoor applications.

With it’s high definition capabilities and super-fast refresh rates, the Explorer-Ⅱseries delivers high-quality images that bring a wonderful viewing experience to it’s audiences. The LED displays are installed in various ways to display unique features of the motors based on different booth design. Compared with traditional wallpaper, a dynamic LED screen can help attract more viewers and educate those viewers with more information about your products in a short amount of time. One of the on-site salesman said that the dynamic advertising of Explorer-Ⅱ not only helped to attract customers, but also added charm to their booth at the show.  Also, any competitor’s announcements can easily be countered by a change on the content shown on the displays. This allows the advertising messages they are displaying to be modified all the way up to the last minutes before, or even during the trade show.

With the experience of advertising in this Qatar Motor Show, it further accelerates the pace of the adoption of TransTech’s products. At the same time, TransTech is committed to the mission of delivering products with world-class quality. 


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