Explorer Outdoor Rental LED Display Appeared in Barcelona, Spain Published:2017-06-06

Recently, Transtech’s vehicle-mounted HD outdoor rental LED display appeared in Barcelona and brought Barcelona street exquisite scenery. With its novel & decent appearance and excellent performance, it became the terminal display for Romanian celebration, sports event and entertainments. 

As the most popular outdoor rental LED display, Explorer p4.8 was applied in this 11.25㎡ project. Together with car control room, electrical equipment, Explorer P4.8 LED display formed a fully functional information release system. The car equipped with lifting platform which can be raised and lowered according to specific requirement. The display can be lifted to specific position with the support of center pillars. When put into use, drive the car to the scene, and then you can either wrapped simply or just operate the display to start. The installation and disassembly can be finished by only one person with maintenance tools to fit specified display areas. This quick assembly & disassembly can save time and space & labour cost.

Developed by Transtech team, like other products, Explorer series HD LED displays deliver subtle image quality. Transtech’s Explorer series product is perfect for outdoor/ semi-outdoor applications with its distinguishing features of high brightness, excellent waterproof, dustproof performance and convenient simple maintenance service. As rental series display, Explorer adopts ultra-light die-casting aluminum cabinet whose weight is only 7KG. Transtech’s Explorer adopts new auto-correction technology which can auto correct after replacing the module and receiving card without any debugging. Solved the problem of cross rental, the module can be used out-of-the-box and easily maintained. It needs only 10s to screw service tool in the module and pull out the module horizontally to finish the convenient replacement.

rental LED display

rental LED display


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