A brief introduction to LED mesh display Published:2019-09-18

LED mesh display is getting more and more popular with its market share and customer recognition rate are constantly rising, but there are still some customers who are not quite familiar with the excellent product and don’t know how to match the display with surroundings.

Here we take Transtech’s Legend Series LED mesh for example to make a brief introduction to the advantages and applications of LED mesh display.

1. High transparency

The transparency rate of Transtech’s Legend LED mesh is between 30%-80%, depending on the different pixel pitches. With hollow and strip design, the LED video display keeps a higher lighting perspective than traditional LED displays, and will not affect building design. 

2. Ultra light-weight

Transtech’s Legend LED mesh is 30%-60% lighter than other LED screens, greatly reduces the structure load and installation cost. The structure of LED mesh is slim and thin, occupies little space. 

3. Strip & Hollow design

Strip shape and hollow design reduces wind drag effectively.

4. High heat conducting efficiency

The power supply is separate from light bars, which accelerates elimination of heat dissipation. No air conditioning needed.

5. Energy saving & environment protection

Transtech’s Legend LED mesh adopts high-efficient LED lamps featured with high contrast, heat dissipation and energy conservation. Average power consumption: 155W/m2.

6. Qick and easy installation

Simple steel construction, install without guidance. It only needs 10 seconds to install or remove a cabinet with tools.

7. Highly integrated design

It has built-in power supply and receiving card. Each cabinet can be operated individually. With high integrated connect of computer, display card, and long-distance transceiver, the display contents can be changed anytime.  

8. Outdoor IP rating

The Legend LED mesh can be adapted to the outdoor environment with front/rear IP65 rating.

Transtech Legend LED mesh can be widely applied in building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, sightseeing lifts, window display, stage background, urban landscape, space design, museum, and so on. 


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