Get A Better Life With Mountain, Lake, and Light -- Yueshan Lake Night Lighting Project Report Published:2015-12-29
Brief Introduction

Yueshan Lake locates in Shiertan Reservoir Park on the cross of Yuntan North Road and Guanshan West Road, Guiyang city. This project is 15km far away from city center, and covers near 910,000sqm. Special location makes it a great relaxation center which combines culture, entertainments, and relaxations. Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is an experienced lighting design company invested by Transtech LED Co.,Ltd, undertakes this grand project and focuses on the tall buildings and Villa districts, City Square and Cultural Exhibition Center lighting design. What the best is that Jiangsu Retop was awarded with the “Excellent Lighting Design Application” with this Yueshan Lake Project. 


Tall Buildings and Villa districts

Tall buildings and Villa districts belongs to residential area, thus the lighting design should make people feel comfortable and warm. To combine with the surroundings, and reach the goal of obvious light invisible lamps, our designers pay a lot of attentions to lamp choosing and lamp installation locations in order not to disturb the neighborhood. Then, designers use light to enhance the outstanding characters, thus audiences will get a rough figure of the building at night, which is perspective and pleased.


City Square
City Square carries the responsibility of relaxation and entertainment. Thus, glare should be strictly limited.  There are some other elements should attract attention such as the visual effect and color rendering. Thus, a lot of landscape lamps and street lamps were adopted to display a harmonious night lighting environment for the lighting design at this area.


Cultural Exhibition Center
Cultural Exhibition Center is the landmark building which exhibits the multiple culture and modern charm. Lighting design should take care of the building characteristics of culture exhibitions and architectures.  
Lighting design is oriented with the concept of energy saving and environment protecting. Employ the intelligent lighting control system to realize the different time and situation lighting delivery control. Different images displays at normal days, night vision, and important holidays. 

Sales Office 
Sales office is the key element to show business value and estate project. Lighting design should fit the requirements of night aesthetic demand and day appearance. Designers adopt the individuality and humanization and artistic concept, extra artistic lighting objects to make it a more ornamental.  


To sum up, this project pays much attentions on energy saving and people oriented. Jiangsu Retop adopted new lighting technology and design concepts to deliver more advanced design plan. Fully consider the power consumptions in random applications, and differs between normal days and holidays. Installation should not disturb the building decoration, and Yueshan Lake project achieved this goal in a highly appreciated way. 


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