TransTech: Number One for Innovation Published:2015-08-26

TransTech is registered in Hongkong and dedicated to provide LED Screens for various kinds of visual applications.

In 2014, TransTech invested Translux in U.S who is a digital signage company founded in 1921 and went to New York Stock Exchange on 1925.

In Jan, 2015, TransTech set up PrismaChina as the manufacturing base together with PrismaFlex France who founded in 1988 offers billboards & OOH advertising solutions worldwide.

TransTech is majorly involved in three business sections: 2D LED Displays, 3D LCD/LED Displays & LED Architectural Lighting. Although three distinctive sections, all has the common mission to provide reliable and satisfying visual solutions to the market.

We think attention to details, dedication, and fully trained and experienced staffs are the key factors that can determine a company’s success. So we have the manufacturing process monitored by French and innovative technology from U.S & France .

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