Installation methods of LED displays Published:2019-07-15

Various installation methods are required for LED displays due to different installation environment and products applications. 

Here we’d like to share some common installation methods with some references of Transtech’s led displays

1.Wall-mounted installation

Wall-mounted installation is the most common installation method that is suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor environments. It requires solid wall to ensure stable installation. 

LED displays

LED displays

2.Wall-embedded installation 

Wall-embedded installation is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, with the LED display screen embedded in the wall. It not only saves the installation space, but also makes the LED wall more uniform.

LED displays

LED displays

3.Column type installation

Column type installation generally used for outdoor advertising. It can be seen in parking lots, squares, stations, roadside and other open spaces. According to different size of LED displays, it can be divided into single column installation and double column installation. 

LED displays

Single column installation: suitable for screens in small size  

LED displays
Double column installation: suitable for screens in large size  

4.Hanging installation

Hanging installation is usually used for indoor or semi-outdoor environment. It’s widely applied in corridors, passageways, entrances, garages, and stations.

LED displays

LED displays

5.Floor-standing installation

Floor-standing installation is suitable for indoor applications. It becomes popular in shopping malls and stores, especially makes for a wonderful way to greet people at the entrance of a store. 

LED displays

LED displays


6.Roof type installation

Roof type installation is a common installation method for outdoor environments. It  should be equipped with strong wind resistance to ensure it will not fall. As the height of the building increases, the windproof level to be considered also increases.

LED displays

LED displays

7.Creative installation

Creative installation is more impressive than ordinary installation methods. Unique and distinctive design could always attract more attention.

LED displays

LED displays

LED displays

Above are the most common installation methods for LED displays. In fact, the installations can be varied in particular cases, according to different project size, display effect, installation environment, and etc.

As a reliable and leading company in LED display industry, Transtech provides satisfied products to every customer, and stick to the principle of “Customized is part of our DNA”. 


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