Tips to Maintain LED display Published:2016-11-02

Nowadays, LED display has been applied in many occasions including gala dinner, weddings, stage performance and square display.  As the LED display is becoming one of the most modern display devices, the maintenance of LED display also become general problem. There are several tips to maintain the screen as follow.

The needed tools included universal meter, electric iron, blade and tweezers.

As we deal with many things in an order of priority, when dealing with maintenance problem, short circuit should be deal at first.

1.Observation. You can sometimes judge the short circuit through your eyes, such as PCB circuit was short cut due to scraping or damaged by electric drill.

2.Contrast. We can’t judge IC was burn out or not just through eyes, so we can replace the old one with new one. If the new IC can work normally, then we can find the old one was broken. Sometimes, we may forget the signal was connected right or not, we can use the unit board to check the rightful place of signal and put it to the right place.

3.Exclusion. We may find there are many reasons for malfunction, we can deal with the problem one by one and then rule out the above reason one by one if forgotten.

4.Resistance test. Set the universal meter to resistance state to test the resistance value of a normal circuit board and then test the same testing point of another circuit board to test the value is normal or not. If the value is abnormal, we can find the problem.

5. Voltage test. Set the universal meter to voltage state, and test the voltage of certain point of doubtful circuit. If the voltage is different from the normal one, we can find the problem.

6. Short circuit test. Set the universal meter to resistance state to test if the resistance value is normal or not. If find the resistance value is abnormal, the problem should be deal at first to prevent it from burning out other components. Notice, this test method can be used only when the power was cut.

Sum them up in 3 main points

1.short circuit

Many malfunctions were caused by short circuit, all we need to do is deal with the short out part.


When the signal is interrupted, all we need to do is connect the interrupted signal.

3.Broken IC

We first test if the IC was broken or not as mentioned above, and change it with new one.

As one of the advantages of LED display, easy maintenance method should be familiar with manufacturer technical staff and maintainer.