Why We Can See LED Display Everywhere? Published:2016-10-12

LED display has been part of our life unconsciously, no matter at crowded street or dedicated area, we can gather information from outdoor or indoor HD LED screens. Why we need LED display more than ever? Let's know more about the functions and advantages about it.

1.Extensive application fields

LED screen was widely used in advertising media area. In addition to single indoor or outdoor LED display as advertising media, video wall composed by several LED screens appears in some cities. LED advertisement release system was adopted among several passenger trains and was popularized.

2.Nowadays, LED display was used in business promotion and information transmission in the field of postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls and other fields of services.  LED displays play an important role on the information delivering in fields of services across the world. That’s the reason why we need it more than ever. We gather information from it and spread information through it.

3.LED display in securities trading and financial information presenting field accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand of LED displays a few years ago and now is still the main field of LED displays demand. Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and thousands of securities and financial institutions have widely used LED displays.

4.LED wall can also be used to present airport flight dynamic information for passengers, including passengers' guidance of ports and stations and even road traffic information. Not limited to transportation, LED display deliver sport venues information and the dispatching command center information. The electric power dispatching, dynamic tracking of vehicles, vehicle dispatching management are also gradually adopting the high-density LED display.