The Color of Outdoor Advertising Impacts the City Block Image Published:2016-07-14

As the development of technology, the design model of outdoor advertising is changing from simple traditional one to multi-angle and multi-media models. Nowadays, most outdoor advertisement are presented through HD LED display. Attracted by subtle and excellent image delivery of LED display, more advertisements are showed on it in flourishing business streets.  Driving the city construction outdoor advertisements not only advertise the product but also add unique charm to the city image. 

Block distinguish feature influences the color of outdoor advertising

The block color tone has intimate relationship with its history, culture and economy development. Once the block owned its unique features, this feature must be stable and can not be changed during short time. So when choosing the color for outdoor advertising design, the features and tone of the city must be taken into consideration. Or the advertisement would be out of place.

Outdoor advertising impacts the block image

The integrity of block color is an important factor that need to be included when choosing outdoor advertisement color. To make the outdoor advertising be consistent with the block theme, choosing the color which is harmonious with city theme and color tone is necessary. When dealing with the outdoor advertisement in block with strong features, focus on color-control and advertisement management to reflect the block image is essential.

On the on hand, outdoor advertising design need to be harmonious with block color tone which is settle down during history development, on the other hand, advertising design should move with the times. Adjusting the advertisement with the changes of block scene is a good way to coordinate the background and advertisement color and then improve the city whole image.