DOOH advertising’s positive role in City Published:2016-04-25

With the urbanization speeding up of and urban concept up dating, to build a modern livable city, provide more convenience for citizens, and improve the core competitiveness of the city, has become the primary goal of the urban construction. Digital outdoor advertising as a carrier of the urban landscape, cultural diffusion, in the form of life elements, plays an important role in the process of urban development. In general there are two advantages.

First, encourage urban economic prosperity.

Advertising is the product of the commodity economy development. Advertisement connects production, marketing and sales. Can say for the promotion of city's economic development role is a basic function of outdoor advertising. The development of DOOH advertising makes the performance form of outdoor advertising become increasingly diversified. They are dynamic or three-dimensional, which can attract attentions and inspire the purchase desire. Great outdoor advertisements will be better able to convey to the audience of the enterprise services and goods. 

Second, spread the image of the city
The city image is a carrier of the comprehensive reflection of various kinds of information, is the inner beauty and outer beauty harmony, is the unity of the visual image and intuitive image, is the content of image and the unity of the people's image. City image is objectives reflect of historical and cultural accumulation which also attracts investment directions merchants to come to realistic productivity. Outdoor advertising is the external performance of the city image. As the city concept updating, governments at all levels began to take outdoor advertising in the category of urban overall planning. Outdoor advertising is regarded as the image of the city's business card, has played a pivotal role in the spreading and shaping the image of the city.