Legend Series LED Mesh Project in Glory Mall Published:2020-05-18

Transtech's large LED screen tailored for Glory Mall in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province was successfully put into use recently, adding another typical reference of the Legend Series LED Mesh.

Installed above the west gate of Glory Mall, the advertising LED screen delivers vivid images and fluent videos all the time with an area of 77 square meters(829 sqft). This project adopts 16/16mm pixel pitch LED lamps that attach on ultra-thin steel structure, saving time and cost for installation. High transparency makes the display perfectly well integrates with the surroundings  glass wall. Legend Series LED mesh supports complex play format, including text, image, gif, and video. It delivers vivid images thanks to Transtech’s inclusive technology for a wide range of color and deep contrast. Passers-by appreciate it as a wonderful display masterpiece that will forever add charm to the Glory Mall.

Developed by Transtech team independently, Legend Series LED mesh adopts aluminum alloy material, 30%-60% lighter than traditional LED displays. The hollow strip design effectively reduces wind drag, contributing to high transparency and environment protection. Available in pitch 8/16mm, 10/ 10mm, 16/16mm, 16/ 25mm, 16/33mm, 25/ 25mm, 33/33mm, 33/50mm, 50/50mm(vertical/horizontal), Legend series are widely applied in building exterior walls, glass curtain walls, sightseeing elevators, window display, stage backgrounds and other outdoor applications. LED mesh has become the best replacement of traditional outdoor LED displays and three-sided billboards, being the new trends of creative display for urban landmark architecture. With features of cost-effectiveness, energy conservation and high permeability, LED mesh significantly reduces initial adverting investment and operational costs, becoming trends of large size outdoor displays.