Transtech iPoster Witnesses Sportsmen presence in China Triathlon League 2017 Published:2017-07-05

2nd July, China Triathlon League 2017-Suizhong East Daihe stop finished up strong in Suizhong East Daihe. Besides its own competition, China Triathlon League 2017 also selects for finals of The National Games. As the media provider, Transtech witnessed the produce of 8 professional players qualified straight to The National Games and boosted competition related publicity. 

The competition is lasted for two days. The first day competition selects for The National Games and the second day competition is separated into master group, amateur group, mixed relay race selection for Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Around the crowded field, Transtech iPoster stands at main positions to show competition schedules, race introductions, players’ introductions and thus enhance the propaganda dynamics.  Adopted plug & play design, quick operation, made-at-scene publicity content, phone control design, Transtech iPoster provided guarantee for competition publicity. Staffs at scene learned to use quickly for the easy operation. 

As all new digital poster, iPoster fits different occasions with multiple installations including bracket stand, wall-mounted, hanging, pedestal standing, splicing. With fine adjustment of built-in bracket, iPoster is flexible for various applications. Besides controlled by phone, iPoster can update storage content to media player with WIFI or USB and achieve asynchronous play at any time.

With the popularity of endurance exercise in domestic, China Triathlon League is liked by more and more people. Therefore, this year’s triathlon league added four professional events and broke the barriers between amateur and professional competitions. This change is very significant to the development and publicity of triathlon league in China. Transtech, as LED display manufacturer,  will keep promoting competition publicity and security work and advancing the development of health and sports on the nationwide fitness campaign to improve the national physique.




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