Transtech Star Products Shine Infocomm USA 2017 Published:2017-06-16

On 14th June, 2017, Infocomm USA 2017 was held in Orlando, Florida. After previous show in 2016, Transtech took part in this influential show again along with star products including Discovery series fine pitch LED display, Braves series multifunctional advertising & rental display, all new digital poster- iPoster and glass-free 3D display. All these products are delicately developed by Transtech team and are designed for all visitors around the world. We pursue both the beauty of appearance and quality of manufacture.

During the show, Transtech booth 261 was crowded thanks to the four-side open booth design and colorful & vivid image delivered by fine LED display. “Your products and services are professional, that’s exactly what we need.” A visitor told us and expressed the intention of later cooperation after knowing the structure and function of Discovery. At the same time, our technicians had mutual communication with overseas exhibitors and professional visitors and caught extensive attention.

Transtech fine pitch discovery series are well-known for its high quality and thus attract many visitors. Discovery P1.5mm LED display, as the main screen of the whole booth, presented delicate image delivery, achieve 2K/4K/8K easily. With front service patent design, the maintenance becomes ever easy. CNC process technology ensures the precision and flatness. Good heat dissipation from IC to cabinet. High gray scale with low brightness, ensures the abundant image details.

Transtech also presented its multifunctional display- Braves. Featuring a flexible, multi-usage concept specifically designed for audiences in sport stadiums, Transtech Braves can be used either as a rental product for events or fixed installation applications both as a video screen or perimeter system. Die-casting magnesium alloy back shell, good heat-dissipation, water-proof, protection grade IP65/IP65. Both front & rear service, quick and easy maintenance. Braves meets the FIFA stadium technical recommendations. Humanized design, soft mask encapsulation and soft mattress protect player from injury. Braves can be used as perimeter display, rental display after removing support legs and mattress and air switch, 34kg per square meter. Dual power and signal backup ensure the stable usage.

Transtech new digital poster-iPoster, available in pitch P2.5 and P1.9, is targeted at indoor advertising market. With flexible bracket, this multifunctional poster supports pedestal stand, bracket stand, wall-mounted, hanging and assembling. Homemade content, controlled by mobile, plug and play. Apply in shopping mall, meeting room, super market, and restaurant. iPoster screen can be controlled with fixed or portable Windows, IOS & Android devices. The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.

Transtech's subsidiary company New Top 3D presented the latest developed glass-free 3D display, totally change the traditional advertising display way with its colorful and stereopsis image effect. The whole new way of displaying brought audience extraordinary experience and started a new advertisement display platform.

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