Transtech Spring Outing in 2017 Published:2017-03-07

Like the old saying a year’s plan started with spring. Transtech team had a spring outing from 3rd to 4th March to strengthen the staff sense of belonging and motivation. 

After gathering in the company, we began our nice trip to Xichong beach which has the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii”. The bus moved through mountains and finally took us to the beach. Cheers and laughter followed us and will stay in our memories.

After arriving at hotel, Transtech team had an annual sales meeting which analyze and summarize achievements of last year and the strategic cooperation with AED group. There are six series competitive products in 2017 as followed:

1. Small pixel pitch Discovery series

2. RANGER rental series

3. Braves multi-applications display

4. Iposter series digital poster

5. Legend series LED mesh

6. Explorer series LED display product

2017 sales plan and measures have been made on the meeting. Enlarge the profit through controlling budget and cost. With plan and specific measures, our staffs have clearer objective and strong motivation. 

After meeting, here comes barbeque. Everyone prepared the barbeque together, make the fire, clean the food material, roast the meat and then spread the flavor. Tantalizing smell spread, our laughter also spread to the ocean. What a mouth-watering dinner!

After dinner, campfire party begins! Surrounding the campfire, we are singing and dancing, enjoying the comfortable breeze and warm fire. Our friendship is getting closer during games. The first day of outing closed in laughter and happiness.

After one night good sleep, honorable person CS is waiting for us. We were split into two teams and make the strategy immediately after equipping. The exciting laser gun battle showed our team spirit.  

After exciting laser gun battle, we go to the “Lover’s Island” by speedboat. As the most eastern island of Shenzhen, Lover’s Island, Xichong covers an area of 100 Chinese acres.

White sandy beach, clear blue sea attract many visitors.

Arriving at the seaside, seafood should not be missed. We enjoyed different seafood before heading for Dapeng fortress. The weight of history and tradition expressed by the mottled walls attract everyone. Walking in the fortress, the residential buildings built in Ming and Qing Dynasty telling the history. Stone roads, narrow and far-reaching alleys, ancient and peaceful sense spread into our heart. After visiting the fortress, we finished our spring outing.