Glory belongs to all! Transtech Awarded the “Best Brand of Innovation & Growth” Published:2016-12-15

On 13th Dec, 2016, the 2016 LED Industry Summit Forum and Award Ceremony was held in St.Regis, Kingkey 100, Shenzhen. Industry experts, enterprise representatives, distributors, and well known Medias were present on site to share innovative ideas from industry peers and have a look at future development.  Invited as special guest, Transtech CEO Mr. Zhou Yuguo, presented at the summit forum. Transtech awarded the “Best Brand of Innovation & growth” and “Best Top 10 Brand of Outdoor and Stadium Application”  and Mr. Zhou Yuguo, was honored with the “Top 10 influential men in LED display industry” the second time. In a warm atmosphere, people here witnessed the glory moment in LED industry.

In LED display summit forum, Guan Yubai, secretary general of China LED Industry Associate; Sui ShiRong, Centre director of Guangdong semiconductor light source control industry consolidation innovation center; Cao Lin, the president of China institute of stage design; Li Shusheng, deputy head of China Central Television Producing Center and Zhou Yuguo , the CEO of Transtech LED Co.,Ltd all made speeches about forum topic.

Mr. Zhou Yu Guo is well known in LED display industry for his over 20 years of LED display industry experience and his solid customer basis. Based on all these, Mr. Zhou won many votes online. This selection went from entry open to 15 in 30, then to final top 10. After selection, Mr. Zhou was awarded “Top 10 influential men in LED display industry” second time. During its development, Transtech absorb many promising young people from all walks of life to better cooperate with the experienced and thus contribute more to LED display industry.

The “Best top 10 Brand” selection went through four months from entry open to online voting then technology finalist. Transtech was selected as the “Best Brand of Innovation & Growth” and “Best Top 10 Brand of Outdoor and Stadium Application”. 

Innovation and quality are motive forces for enterprise's continuous development. Transtech was found with the developing spirit “Innovation” which is still buried deep in the products. Transtech Discovery series perfectly demonstrate the equal importance of “quality” & “innovation” in Transtech culture. From Discovery appearance, size, front service patent design to military quality, all these features won Transtech praise and recognition. Driven by this spirit, Transtech reach and development team are hopefully to launch new products including all new design rental display, an all-round perimeter display and dedicated indoor advertising display Cloud screen in the near future.

Driven by the innovation and quality, Transtech achieved growth in performance naturally. 

Among many successful cases, as the typical example, the advertising screen in Stureplan Square in Stockholm, Sweden won Transtech “Best top 10 Brand of Outdoor and Stadium Application”.  The combination of brilliant quality LED display and perfect steel structure design added enchanting beauty to “the Venice of the North”- Stockholm.