Let all Enjoy Chinese Product- Transtech P1.2 in Dubai Infocomm Published:2016-12-08

From 6th to 8th December,2016, the Infocomm Middle East & Africa was held in Dubai World Trade Center.Hundreds of exhibitors from different countries, first-class brand visual & audio manufactures, dealers and system integrator,professional consultants, sales managers attended this annual event in Middle East. Transtech prepared the event and the audience with its Discovery series small pixel pitch display.Together with its subsidiary 3D New Top’s product glasses-free display, Transtech Discovery series brought the brilliant quality image and also fancy experience from China.

Transtech prepared this event with great care. Considering its marketing strategy in Middle East and products & solutions presentation, the whole design embodied its spirit,Devotion, Profession and Experience throughly. Transtech main products Discovery P1.2 attracted many eyes by its 7296x1368mm large size HD seamless splicing LED wall. Attracted by its subtle quality image, visitors gathered around booth.

It’s worth mentioning that Discovery P1.2 LED wall present its applications in various situations, such as radio and television broadcasting, weather forecast, video conference and traffic monitoring. Its good performance attract the audience to ask exchange different scene and some consider place an order. Discovery series product won itself high praise from customers.

In addition to its brilliant quality, its good features also make Discovery series products so attractive.Discovery can be joint into any size according to installation needs and easily reach standard resolution. Besides, the Multichannel signals switch freely, central pictures can be magnified. With Low brightness under great gray scale,256 bit, great heat dissipation design from IC to cabinet and adjustable brightness to fit various environment needs, Transtech Discovery series adept at many applications.

Furthermore, Transtech subsidiary 3D New Top brought its glasses-free display and smart display solutions to offer the audience a whole new interaction experience and introduced buyers a new way to present advertisement.