New development trend in outdoor fixed installation Published:2016-11-29

With the rapid development of technology, urban outdoor advertising is undergoing multiple developments. The significant change of traditional advertisement and the evolution of outdoor media industry give us the expectation of more intelligent, high targeted and measurable evaluation of outdoor activities to enrich our lives.

1, Positive growth of fixed LED display market brings new chance 

Nowadays, fixed display market potential is tremendous. In 2016, the fixed LED display account for 83.4% domestic fixed LED display market and the total value is 24.1 billion yuan according to relevant data. It predicts by 2018, the domestic fixed LED display market will reach 29.1 billion yuan. So from 2015 to 2018, the growth rate of fixed LED display market is 8.72%. The positive growth brings new opportunity for enterprise who should develop new product with new technology to better seize the chance. These developments would also enhance the interaction with customers and at the same time start new market.

2. Small pixel pitch outdoor fixed display getting popular
In the digital age, small pixel pitch LED display becomes the focus of attention in the display market. Depends on the rise of small pixel pitch LED display, entering the outdoor small pixel pitch display market has become vital strategy of LED enterprise. 

With the continuous development and maturity of small pixel pitch technology, the pixel pitch of outdoor display diminishing from P20, P16, P10, P8 to meet general application needs for different occasions.

Take bus stop for example, as the development of smart city, the smart bus stop starts to put in practical.  By then, combine the LED display with bus system to build a strong electronic bus platform. Bus intelligent dispatching system is able to record the running time, position and distance between buses.  Through video system, driver can check the number of people to make the adjustment in time properly.