How to Deal with Blurred Screen of LED Display? Published:2016-11-22

As one of the electronic products, LED display also has some problems after longtime using. One normal problem is blurred screen. How we can deal with blurred screen?

The causes of blurred screen include power supply, adapters, PCB board, and the worst burn out LED lamp. Among them, the most common malfunction is power supply malfunction including broken adapters, loose power supply, unstable voltage, loose communication interface and even broken connecting line. After finding out the problem cause, we can find efficient solutions to solve problem.

1.  Reconnect the communication line. Check the LED display connection instruction carefully and then follow the steps to connect the wires. Remember to tighten the interface to avoid short circuit or poor connect.

2. Test the LED display internal wire connections with multimeter to find out the poor connected wires or short circuit wires and replace them with high quality wires. 

3. Check whether the power supply is grounded or not with multimeter. Blurred screen can be caused by this problem. Just grounds the power supply properly.

4. If all the above solutions can’t solve the problem, maybe the LED lamps or the display had broken. We suggest to contacting the manufacture to maintain the display immediately to avoid further deterioration.