Five Basic Keys to Install LED Display Published:2016-11-15

Normally, the engineer of LED display installation should be equipped with following five skills to meet customer’s needs.

1.Early exploration is quite important. Design the LED display according to the field operations. The first step to install the LED display is combine the field operation and LED display properly. 

2. Normally, some customers know about the installation of steel structure, but not include the traces on the board and joint method of LED display. That’s why customers need professional engineer to guide them and thus learn more about the display.

3. The design of steel structure. Normally, installation engineer would design the steel structure according to the combination of field operation and practical situation of display and bring to the constructor within 3 to 5 days after signing the contract. After getting the blueprint, the constructor should buy the relevant material and prepare for the structure fabrication.

4. Technical training. During the productive process, clients can send relevant stuff to the LED factory to learn how to operate display and replace spare parts.

5. Calculate the display power and distribution facilities. At the easy stage of installation, the display electricity consumption conditions and the capacity of distribution box should be taken into consideration. LED display manufacture should calculate the practical consumption for the constructor.