The Maintenance and Reinforcement of Outdoor LED Display Billboard Published:2016-11-11

The main support structure of outdoor LED billboard usually adopts steel material. Under the influence of temperature, humidity and hazardous substance, the steel would be oxidized easily and thus cause the rust which would reduce the load capacity of steel structure. So, the maintenance and reinforcement of outdoor LED billboard is quite important. There are several methods to maintain and reinforce outdoor LED billboard as following.

1.Expand base area. By adding concrete circling or reinforced concrete circling to enlarge the base area of outdoor LED displays thus effectively reduce the problem of foundation differential settlement which caused by limited base area and shortage of load capacity. 

2.Underpinning with hole. After digging a hole under the basis, concretes the hole to reinforce the load capacity.

3.Underpinning with pile. Add static compression pile, driven pile, filling pile under or the basis or both sides of LED billboard to reinforce the basis.

4.Underpinning with grouting. Put chemical grout into the foundation equably. Thus the unconsolidated soil or crack can be solidified through cementing.

Correction means to correct the tilted foundation in reverse direction. There are several outdoor LED billboard correction methods as following.

1.Landing. On the side of severe foundation settlement, we should adopt measure to stop sinking, on the other side, we adopt measures to force landing. Force landing measures including add ingots or stones, construct cantilever beam, draw out clay and inject water. 

2.Jacking.  Adjust the amount of lifting in different parts of LED billboard on the side of tilted foundation, and make it rotate along a certain point or a certain line to rectify.