Tips of Content Creation of LED Display Published:2016-11-07

Attractive content is necessary to all media that deliver message, including LED display. For example, there are subtle difference in font selecting between LED display and other media. Take these differences into consideration to meet the needs of targeted audience. 

How to make full use of LED display? The answer seems quite simple, to show attractive and interesting content.

However, many users may find it is not easy to create the content that complied with relevant laws and regulations. Although the content of LED display is the key point, the content usually doesn’t work as it should do. To upgrade the content LED display delivered, there are some tips can help.

1.The content should last for 10-20 seconds. If you update the content often, the audience can be impressed.

2.Contrast color. Viewing from distance, people prefer light color font in dark background rather than dark font in light background. 

3.Every page should be presented for 10-15 times. The more the content was displayed the more it will be noticed by customers.

4.More legible the font and text will be easier to read.

5."3:5 Law". Each text should be limited to 3 lines & 5 words per line or 5 lines & 3 words per line.

6.To attract more attention, using the catchy title is a good way.

7.Enrich the content. Present the sports news, weather condition, transportation and real time information can enrich the content and thus attract more attention.

8.Simplify the font. Adopted clear and legible font can help to create more attractive digital signage content.

9.Keep presenting latest news. Keep updating the information, because no one will be interested in old content. 

10.Remove the rhetoric. If you want to keep the content simple and easy to be taken, it is necessary to remove those confusing rhetoric. 

11.Adopt video, taps from time to time to deliver vivid content rather than simple text content. 

12.Adopt active voice, verbs to appeal to more active actions.