The Differences between Stage Rental LED Display and Traditional Display Published:2016-10-28

Compared with traditional indoor or outdoor LED display, the required configuration of stage rental display is different due to its different application and function. Let’s find out the differences between them.

1. Different type selection

To better present the stage performance, stage rental display required HD image quality. For indoor environment, P3 and P4 or even P2.5 to P2 is more suitable for stage. As for outdoor environment, P5 or P6 HD display can meet the outdoor stage need. However, for traditional LED display, P5 or P6 is enough for indoor viewing requirements and P10 even P16 can meet the outdoor stage need. Normally, SMD is used in indoor LED display and DIP more applied in outdoor display. Now, there appeared various types of cabinets in the rental market, including popular types P3, P4 P4.8 and P6.

2. The differences between cabinets

Most of traditional outdoor LED display adopts water-proof cabinets whose structure is heavy.  LED stage rental display usually adopts die-casting aluminum cabinet which is light and stable than traditional display. It fits for concert and stage performance because it can be installed and removed easily.

3. Installation method

As we mentioned before, stage rental display can be install and remove quickly which means it fits for the stage performance perfectly. For example, after concert finishing, the rental display can be removed quickly to another stage. As for traditional LED display which usually adopts fixed installation is hard to remove.