The Potential Security Problem and Solutions Published:2016-10-26

With the subtle picture quality, more and more LED screens were getting popular and were used in many applications. However there exist some potential security problems which may cause serious accidents due to careless during installing.  

1. Over-high brightness of LED screen

Some LED displays stand by the road to deliver transportation message to driver if the brightness is suitable. However, it may lead to car accidents if the brightness was over-high which would be dazzling to eyes. So it’s necessary to adjust the LED screen brightness according to the sky brightness.

2. Vulnerable steel structure

To guarantee the strong steel structure, take extreme weathers like heavy rain, strong wind and earthquake into consideration would be a wise choice. In addition, set the structure at an angle to keep the stability and safety of structure and at the mean time beautify the city, deliver the message and benefit the advertiser.

3. Fire protection and lighting protection

LED display was composed by circuit board, plastic back shell and mask. If the circuit board was short circuit or can’t dissipate the heat properly, it may cause burning. When design the LED display, adopting fire-proof material and internal heat dissipation design is the first step to avoid this potential problem.

4. Check the electric safety before installation

The installation step influences the visual effect, maintenance and safe usage which need to be paid extra attention.