The Advantages of LED Display Published:2016-10-18

1. Safety. LED display adopted unidirectional voltage which is safe for no matter the elder or children to use. 

2. Flexibility.  Adopted Flexible Printed Circuit LED display can be easily formed according to various shapes need.

3. Longevity. Normally, LED display can work for 80 to 100 thousand hours, nearly 10 years even under the condition that it works 24hours per day. Testified by customers’ personal use, the longevity of LED display is over 50 thousand hours and some even lasted for 10 years.

4. Energy-saving. Compared to traditional lighting or decorating lamps, LED display carries subtle image with lower power-consumption.

5. Quick installation.  Equipped with clamp, slot, steel wire and steel net, LED display can be installed on any support surface. Nowadays, the LED panel is getting thinner and lighter thanks to the aluminum material and design.

6.Bright color Adopted high bright SMD, pure color and soft light guarantee that LED screen can be used in decorating and lighting. 

7. Environmental protection. By using recycle material, LED display would not pollute the environment even used in large scale.

8. Multi-application. Due to the light weight and pure color, LED display was applied extensively in building, exhibition, hotel and KTV decoration and lighting. Not limited to these applications, it was used in media and advertisement area. As the growing of LED display technology, we can hope that it will have more extensive application.