P1.2 mm Discovery in International Broadcasting Convention Published:2016-09-30

From 9th -13th September, 2016, IBC which held once a year finished up strong. Transtech Discovery P1.2mm large screen crossed the sea to join this visual feast. With high quality and perfect details, Transtech Discovery series product has caught a lot of eyes among many international leading AV companies.

During the exhibition, P1.2 small pixel pitch LED display attracted many visitors for its ultra-HD-resolution 5760*1080 and large size up to 7296*1368mm which delivered magnificent image quality in large scale for all audience. Some visitors were so surprised by the subtle image delivered by P1.2 that they stepped forward to feel the flat screen by touch.

At the spot, P1.2 presented live performance when applied in radio and television broadcasting and weather forecast. Amazed by the “transformation” of P1.2 display, visitors express their surprising by thumbing up.

With a brightness of 800cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 3000: 1, P1.2 delivered an outstanding image suitable for every broadcasting application. Ultra-black masks provide the enormous viewing angle of 160° in each direction. With Low brightness under great gray scale, great heat dissipation design from IC to cabinet and adjustable brightness to fit various environment needs, Transtech Discovery series adept at many applications.

To provide audience more intuitive experience, Transtech prepared the visitors 4 different pixel pitch P1.2mm, 1.5mm,1.9mm,3.8mm sample cabinets. After experiencing the easy front service and verification process, many professional visitors plan to place order or want to know more information about our products. Transtech team crossed the seas to join this visual feast, but it was worth it. We are looking forward more cooperation from all over the world and will learn from other prominent companies. See you next time in ISE, February.