How to Avoid Auto-ignition of Outdoor LED Display Published:2016-09-28

As the temperature goes up, many outdoor LED power supplies that operated for long hours would be malfunctioned. Wires, power supply and protection material are three keys to maintain high quality. In this article, we will introduce some common causes of fire for LED display.

Normally, the high temperature and rain caused alternating cold and heat will accelerate the obsolescence of aluminum-plastic plate.  In the humid season, rain would easily sink into the aging display and thus lead to the short circuit of electronic components and finally started the fire. To protect the auto-ignition of LED display, many high IP display manufactures adopted fire-proofing aluminum plate which resists the fire and flame effectively.

Plastic package mainly used for module mask cover whose raw material is flame retardant PC glass fiber. PC glass fiber can be used under high temperature and last for long hours without being transformed or being fragile. Combined with good sealing glue, these advantages can prevent water from display and thus avoid short-circuit & self-ignition of LED display.