Transtech smallest pixel pitch LED MESH makes her debut in LED China, Shanghai Published:2016-09-23

12th LED China was solemnly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 19th Sep. As the continuation of Transtech products, Discovery series including p1.58, p1.9 and p3.8 were presented on this exhibition. Besides, Transtech new product Legend LED Mesh, as the smallest pixel pith LED Mesh in the industry, makes her debut in Shanghai. What’s more LED poster and glass-free 3D display also attracted many eyes. Decorated with all these attractive products, Transtech booth E2C07 was filled with visitors.

With p1.58, p1.9 and p3.8, Discovery series deliver subtle image quality. 3 various pixel pitch displays like 3 exquisite frescos decorated the raw space booth to make it more attractive.

Transtech Discovery series adopted CNC processing technology which leads to a flat screen.  Its patented front service design makes it easy for maintenance at low cost. At a golden ratio 16:9, the display can be easily joint into 2K/4K/8K solution. Multichannel signals switch freely, magnify central pictures. Adjustable brightness and Low brightness under great gray scale together deliver more vivid image details which make it perfect in intelligent transportation, command center, Government City Management System and studio application.

Transtech newest product P8/16 LEGEND LED Mesh display, as the smallest pixel pitch LED mesh in the industry, attracts lots of attention from both audience and media after her debut in this exhibition immediately. Overseas visitors inquire the specific information or even touch the product shows that they have great interest in LEGEND LED Mesh.

Transtech LEGEND LED Mesh adopted hollow design and strip shape to guarantee the transparency. Besides, Legend mesh which is 30%-60% lighter than traditional display reduces the structure load effectively. Only 110mm thickness with structure and 12mm without structure makes it ultra slim than traditional one. It needs only 10 seconds to install or remove a cabinet without any tools; fool-proofing design, easy installation.

Legend is mainly adopted in building exterior wall, glass curtain wall, sightseeing lifts, window display, stage background, urban landscape and so on. Transtech is a leading LED system solution provider including LED mesh, creative display & landscape lighting.

As Transtech’s subsidiary, New Top provided glass-free 3D interactive experience to all audience which attracts many eyes. Visitors admire the glass-free 3D show effect and want to introduce this display as a new way to display their product.