How could Outdoor LED Displays Survive in Thunderstorm? Published:2016-09-19

As the heart of LED display, driving power is significant to LED display normal running. At rainy season, driving power should be maintained regularly to prevent from accidents. But, how can we protect and maintain the driving power in the raining season? There are some methods and skills as below. Let’s look at it together.

Some preventing thunderbolt measures

Checking out wires are properly grounded is quiet essential for LED share one ground wire structure which means three (working grounded, power grounded and anti-lighting grounded) in one.

Notice:In regions that experience frequent thunderstorms or some buildings without efficient lighting protection measures, please do install Lightning protection facilities on the input side or you can contact the manufacture to offer the whole anti-lighting solution.

Control the humidity

Maintain the normal humidity of working environment and keep LED display and system from anything wet.

Notices: In damp areas or rainy season, please use the moisture-proof, anti-mildew and anti-fogging power-supply in order to keep system safety if the products are not necessary to work 24 hours. 

Actively Protect

Keep anything may damage the power supply away from the power supply to protect actively. To minimize the damage to LED display, wipe the display genteelly when cleaning the screen and system.

Control the operation time

We suggest operating the LED display at least once a week during the monsoon season. Normally, the screen or system should be operated at least 2 hours each month.

Keep water and iron powders which readily conduct electricity away from power supply 

Power supply should be kept in low dust environment for dust would damage the circuit. Please cut off the electricity without delay if water came into the area.

Do not force to operate the display.

Prevent the operating environment form abnormal high temperature 

Suggestion: when choosing the power supply, it is better to choose one with 30% power surplus to avoid high temperature damage the power supply during operation.

Damage due to over current or high input voltage

Try not to present full bright pictures during playing to avoid over current which would lead to overheating and shorten the power supply working life.  Do not use the display during extreme conditions like thunderstorms and make sure it properly grounded to maintain the stability.