How to Clean Outdoor LED Display Published:2016-09-06

It's normal to see black line, mosaic, black screen, color deviation during outdoor LED display operation. In addition to LED display regular small problem, fail to clean and conserve the screen before or after installation is another issue. Regular cleaning and maintenance can protect from dust accumulation, thus ensure the image quality delivered and at the same time prolong working life. Here are common cleaning steps.

when LED module is half-finished, manufacture should clean the module with dedicated detergent. After spread detergent on module, using the hairbrush to accelerate rosin to dissolve and flux to come off. This step preferably removes dust.

After putting into use for some time, outdoor LED display would easily get dusty which needed to be clean with water or added some dedicated detergents. Remember that you can only clean the surface and keep module from any liquid. This step can be finished by manufacture as after-sales maintenance or by clients themselves.

Dedicated detergent and professional devices

As an environmental detergent, cleaning solution for LED display is a best replacement for chemical cleaners for it can remove dust effectively without damage the display.

LED display restore cleans used for polish and repair makes the LED display shinny and new looking. With good antistatic, dust-proof and anti corrosion, restore cleans remove the dust efficiently without being tarnished contact with water. With PH7.5, it will not damage the display.

Dedicated facility including sprayer, pneumatic brush, cleaning brush.

Cleaning platform including scaffold, tubular steel frame, hanging basket, aerial work platform trucks.

Steps for outdoor LED display cleaning

Dust removal means blow the dust from same direction. Using dedicated pneumatic brush to remove the dust and dirt evenly on the surface. To maintain the outdoor LED display after installation, keep cleaning with brush according to pollution levels, age limit and aging degree.

Cleaning. Spreading the dedicated detergent with sprayer on the module surface to finish the initial cleaning.

Final dusting. Remove the module dust with dedicated brush. It is worth to pay attention to replace the brush which can be recycled with thoroughly cleaning to avoid recontamination.  

Quadratic cleaning. Spread the detergent on the module surface again to remove the dust left after final dust. The proportion of water and cleaning detergent is decided by the dirt on the surface. You can use only water to clean if there is less dust left.

Keep dry. on the normal condition, left the display dry naturally or else blow it to dry when surrounding environment is humid or under low temperature. 

Restore. Spread the restore cleans evenly on the display surface to restore the surface with spreader.

Dry naturally. When display was placed under the high humidity and low temperature environment, it is better to use blowing gun to blow it to dry with air pressure under 3kg.