The maintenance measures of outdoor LED display Published:2016-08-29

Outdoor LED display should be equipped with higher protection degree for it can be easily affected by humidity, extreme weathers and various outdoor situations. Thus when install outdoor LED displays, the capability of wind-resistance and seismic should be paid attention.  Besides the previous preparation, routine maintenance is also important for the longevity of outdoor LED display.

Overhaul measures

Regular inspection of inside components. when receiving the forecast of extreme weather, we should guarantee the stability and safety of components by inspecting all parts, especially the steel structure parts. To prevent corrosion and rusting, regular coating for product and welding point of steel structure is necessary. In addition, inspecting heat dissipation facilities and wiring inside the cabinet is also part of regular maintenance. 

Inspection of Lightning protection facilities. Have a regular inspection of lighting rod and grounded-line is vital to the safety of LED display in thunderstorm weather particularly.  After the thunderstorm weather, the lighting protection facilities should be check again and replace it if broken down.

The inspection of LED control system. To keep LED display operate normally and avoid any surprise cases, it is essential to have regular and reliable checks for its control system and also for all wires, facilities.

The inspection of LED power supply system. First, you need to check for lose connections of the cable junction in the distribution box. To ensure the safety during checking, the electrical box must have good grounded connection. To avoid the damage of circuit, power lines should be checked regularly.

Maintenance measures

It is vital to keep the outdoor LED display operating environment cool and dry. for the display must be absolutely water-proof. If the display let the water in, the power should be cut immediately until the display board dries again. If the wet display with electricity in it, the inside components would get rust easily and thus cause the irreparable damage to the display.  So Electrical equipment must have a water-resistant measure.

Dust is another threat for outdoor LED display circuits. To improve the image quality of display, you can have a routine dust-cleaning for it.

Cleaning the dust outside LED tube with soft brush to avoid dust covering the LED tube.

Good ground-protection is necessary to maintain the supply power stability. Or else plate would be burnt easily.

The switching order for outdoor LED display is turn on the control computer first. Then turn on the LED display after the control system run normally. When you need to turn off the whole system, turn off the display before turn off the computer. It’s not recommended to turn on and off frequently or the interval time should be over 5 mins. Try not to keep the display full bright or turn on the display when the system lose control.

The LED display control facility should be kept in an individual room to keep the dust away and keep ventilation and cold which all guarantees the normal operation of LED display.