How Chip Affects LED Display Published:2016-08-04

As a small part of LED, chip can influence the whole LED display performance. There are normally two types of encapsulation technology, SMD and DIP.  Adopted either kind, the viewing angle of display decided by lamp. Outdoor series like Transtech O-Vision takes DIP with the viewing angle of horizontal 120°and vertical 60°while indoor series like Transtech Discovery takes SMD with horizontal 160°and vertical 160°.
Brightness of LED is an integral part of display. To guarantee the LED keep stable under the condition of low energy consumption, it is necessary to equip it with high brightness chip. Combine the different viewing angle of LED, the choosing of LED brightness is limited to 100 to keep the optimum viewing angle.

Composed by hundred thousands LED pixel dots, the image quality of full-color display easily be affected by the malfunction of chips. To guarantee the performance of chips is to guarantee the most basic part of display.

Besides brightness and chip itself, the consistency of LED chips is also important to display. To meet requirement of LED screen and maintain the stability,  the brightness and the change of wavelength should have great consistency.

LED is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity, so the antistatic ability is critical to the display lifetime. The performance of LED chips is so critical to display that it must be in best quality.