Digital Signage: Enhancing the College Experience Published:2016-08-03

When students want to check the news, they check their smartphones. When needing to write a report, they use their laptops. When they need entertainment, they turn on their TV. The age of digital information is upon us; millennials now receive the majority of their information digitally. When handed a piece of paper many times the only place the information ends up is a garbage can, not only is this a waste of valuable resources, it’s a waste of time and money. The best universities are now using digital signage as a way to better educate and entertain their students, as well as maximize profits.

Digital displays enhance a student’s overall college experience. Whether it’s a welcome sign as you’re driving onto campus or the giant video scoreboard that energizes fans in the basketball arena. Signs around campus provide valuable insight as to upcoming events and increase student turnout! As well as entertaining and informing students, it can save lives in an emergency situation. With the push of a button it can display an emergency message or live stream news. This instant form of communication is invaluable in a situation where seconds can make a different. 

Digital Signage has a high potential for profit. Being extremely energy efficient and lasting 10 years or more, it provides a high quality, environmentally friend solution that has a very low lifetime cost. With the push of a button you can show advertisement from one of your sponsors, or have it run automatically with pre-set content.

Today’s top students are attracted by the best technology. LED display’s not only give its university a sense of wealth, but it also helps universities better their education program. Whether it’s displays in the library better helping students find their textbooks or beautiful bright fine pitch displays in lecture halls, top students will be sure to notice. LED has an infinite amount of potential, with a market that is growing exponentially. As the market continues to grow, LED technology will become more and more prevalent in our lives.