On the Mass Attraction of Ambient Media Advertisements Published:2016-07-29

Today, with the growing Hi-Tech, people are more getting used to receiving information passively.  Instead of receiver, human sense which is open to the world, is more like an active organ. When you can actively sense the characteristics of ambient conditions, you can actively receive the information. To ambient media, the key point of innovation is finding the combination between product performance and information.  It’s vital to go into life and thus find the consistence between product and media. Through consistence, people can not only deeply understand the product through media characteristics but also sense the life characteristics through product.

Instead of using information invasion as marketing method, ambient media ads choose to offer information through entertaining attitude. If we compared the space people lived in to a small theater, the audience, also called information receiver must be the protagonist. People can enjoy the fun of “making information” and thus be part of it in some good media advertisements. During the transmission of ambient media ads, it continuing affects people through becoming part of people’s funning experience. Unconsciously, people actively spread the information by communicating with others.

The concept of redesign which means design again on the basis of normal items design is put forward by a Japanese designer.  The appearance of ambient media ads awakens new understanding toward traditional media ads which normally includes all necessary items, words, graphics, colors and delivery method. When people get tired of traditional delivery method, a new way to wake human sense emerge.  Instead of replacing traditional media ads, ambient media ad is finding the new things from familiar things through the combination of redesign.  It can only improve the competition of traditional media ads rather than replace it.