Designing for A Kind Of Rental LED Display Published:2016-07-28

Compared with traditional rental LED display which owns heavy weight and large pixel pitch, nowadays, a new generation of LED rental display that features light weight and high density draws more attention.  This changing facilitates the wide application of rental LED display. LED rental display is facing not only huge opportunities but also challenges. As the LED display technology getting more and more mature, many manufactures join in this field which intensifies price competitions, the profit can be lower and lower. So it’s very important to develop innovative products according to need of rental market. There are several key points should be focused on.

The module design. The requirement for rental LED display includes light weight, thickness thin and good transmittance. For example, to replace the heavy cabinet of LED strip display, plastic raster display using injection modeling technology which adopts less glue and thus reduces product weight and cost is a good choice.

System design. Considering limited time for installation on the spot, quick and easy field connection is an essential factor when design the system.  To quickly install raster display which requests good transmittance, hidden design of busbar connection and less water joint are necessary.

Installation design. Quick installation and less accessories are basic needs for on-site installation. To avoid finding accessories during installation, we can put the parts into the product when designing. For example, it would be easier to install the screws through press-in forming design. side lock is another possible way to install and dismantle the product quickly.