The Design Of Green Energy-Saving LED Display Published:2016-07-27

To respond the call of energy-saving and reducing the discharge of our nation and low-carbon economy, all walks of life put these slogans into practice. As the lead industry in environment protecting and energy-saving, the study and improvement of this area is very essential. Besides the improvement on performance, stability and function, for LED high-end product the energy conservation is getting important. Undoubtedly, energy conservation index is becoming an important request and function when refer to LED display even in high-end product.  Several points should draw your attention about the energy saving in LED display.

Optimizing heat dissipation design and removing subsidiary heat dissipation system. However, the heat of display itself can not lose which means the heat accumulated in the cabinet would shorten the display life time without subsidiary heat dissipation system. The consequences could be product malfunction or even broken when exposing to direct sunlight. To avoid these consequences, we must guarantee product temperature within standard limitation through good heat dissipation design and effective sun protection measure without subsidiary heat dissipation.

A better solution to break blocked structure of traditional cabinet is to dissipate the heat of many part of product separately by increasing the heat dissipation area and by natural ventilation. At the meantime, lower the temperature of display by effective sun-protection measurement. A new product- LED strip display Transtech is going to launch is an application of energy-saving in LED display whose brightness up to 6000cd/m^2. As a representative product of outdoor energy-saving series, the designs of this product are quite unique.

First of all, under the high request of brightness in outdoor environment, the ventilation design which is not only up to the heat dissipation requirement but also remove the subsidiary heat dissipation equipment is adopted. Secondly, it owns the optimized viewing angle through tilting angle which means the brightness can be adjusted to be smaller than cabinet display under the same condition.  The special brightness design prolongs the product life through decreasing light attenuation. Thirdly, unique heat insulation lowers the product temperature which further guarantees the temperature increasing within the limitation. All in all, to improve the performance of LED display is essential to break the routine and think differently.