The Main Technology of LED Display Published:2016-07-26

LED display which is consisted of pixel modules controls the input of a pulsed electrical current of single pixel module output lines through computer. And thus alter the brightness of light emitting diodes; alter duty cycle which creates the gray scale from brightness before the colorful pixels generated. The combination of many pixels produces the image which is the same as it showed on TV and monitor. Various LED display can be divided into indoor and outdoor serious according to its application environment; can be classified into φ3 、φ3 .75 、φ5 、φ8 、φ15 、φ19 、φ26  according to pixel size; can be classified into monochrome, red and green, red, green and blue three primary colors; can be classified into strip LED display, lattice screen, lattice-digital screen, variable message sign according to its performance. The differences in materials, manufactured processing and control technology is due to various types and performances of LED display. Even if the type and performance are the same, the manufactured technology adopted by manufactures is different.

In all, LED display technology includes semiconductor photoelectric device technology, electronic circuit technology, integrated circuit technology, image processing and transmission technology, computer network technique and electronic product manufacturing and installation technology. That’s to say, the development of domestic LED display is accompanying with the product techniques development which keeps it to quiet advanced level. In the early 90s, the technology of 16bit gray scale, 256-color video control  and wireless remote control have achieved. Recently, the matured product in full color LED display, 256-color video control technology, trunking technology in wireless remote control and multilevel-grouped control technology area have appeared. Large scale integrated circuits which specialized in LED display has been produced and applied in domestic market.