Development Various Special LED Display to Meet Market Need Published:2016-07-25

Recently, LED display is used broadly as brand-new medium carrier and was noticed by the public. However, it’s vein angle and play area have many limitations because the display unit of mass conventional LED display is a cabinet structure. In order to meet the market demand, different kinds of special LED display appears.

Large LED screen
The optimum viewing distance of large LED screen which is designed for viewing before sunrise and after sunset is 200m-600m. The support frame of LED display adopt steel structure for the weight of large LED screen is about 40tons. The pixel pitch of LED display is 128mm which means the gap between pitches can reduce the wind drug and reduce the pressure on the supporter at the same time. Adopted optical transmission, the sound system can remote-control audio equipment to solve the out of synchronization of sound and picture. Thanks to the synchronization of various pictures, words and computer display, LED display deliver live broadcast through control system software.

Column display

Using cylinder structure which the latest outdoor LED display structure, LED display was divided into under layer and above layer which was easily viewed from any angles. The play method in the control room at the under layer which is covered by transparent glass can be viewed by audience to have better interaction with people. Designed with high density increase the resolution three to four times which means it owns the optimum viewing distance 3m.