How to Choose LED Specially for Full Color LED Screen Published:2016-07-22

As a new communication media, full color LED displays have its irreplaceable advantages like large size, high brightness and environmental adaption in the display in outdoor advertisement, stage, building decoration, traffic information and stadium. As the rapid development of LED chip technology, seal technology and the decline of cost, the application and need for full color LED display is increasing.

LED is the most important part of full color LED display for three reasons. First, LED occupied largest quantity of component which is about thousands to tens of thousands per square meters. Second, LED is the essential component that decided optical characteristics which affect the audience visual enjoyment. Third, LED has largest proportion in the whole screen, from 30% to 70% which equals the CPU to computer. The choosing of LED means the choosing of the whole display has finished 50%. 

There are several factors affect the LED quality and specification.

The faulting rate. The fault of any color’s LED would directly affect the whole image delivering quality for the full color LED display is consisted of tens thousands of pixels in red, green and blue color. Usually, according to relevant experience, the faulting rate from assembly to 72hours before shipping after aging should not over 3 parts per million.

Good antistatic. As semiconductor device, LED is sensitive to static which means it would make static lose power. So the antistatic capability has great impact on display life time whose voltage shouldn’t less than 2000V.

Brightness is another significant factor to LED display brightness. The brighter the LED is the large the current allowance which helps to save the electricity and stability of LED. Under the condition that the LED brightness is settled, the smaller the angle is, the brighter the LED is, the smaller the viewing angle is. 100°LED is enough to offer the angle of LED. Different pixel pitch and viewing distance means it’s important to choose the suitable one considering the brightness, angle and price.