The Application of Full Color LED Display in Library’s Service Published:2016-07-21

Recently, the research and development of LED display technology is getting popular with the widespread use of LED display. Full color LED displays were applied in many public places like digital ads in square center, electronic sign in both sides of road and electronic display at hotel gate. As the application of LED display in city library and public library especially in new-built dormitory is increasingly common, the library which is a symbol of school needs the LED display more than ever.  As one of the landmark buildings in school, the graphic information center equipped with full color LED display is very useful when receive foreign visitors and hold important conferences. 

With full color LED display, various notification, cultural transmission, press release, holiday greetings and visitor greetings released by library can be easily achieved. 

One important function of LED display is replacing the banners at the gate. Many service activities and ceremonies which need banners all the time are held in front of the library. Replaced banners with LED display which can adjust the activity content accordingly and automatically saved time and cost. Another advantage of using LED display rather than banners is the style can be changed quickly through the replacement of background picture and optional combination of words.