The Cooperation of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display and Joint Processing Published:2016-07-20

Small pixel LED display which features seamless joint and deliver astonishing image quality applied in various places like studio, control room, command hall and conference center. As the pixel pitch becoming smaller, the viewing distance is narrowing. To deliver astonishing image quality, the request for not only image mosaic and joint technology but also joint processing. The performance of the joint processing guarantees the image quality and the stability of display system. 

The important capabilities of joint processor are multiple DVI signal output and joint displays into a completed large screen through rectangular layout. Nowadays, the LED controller adopts DVI/HDMI as input interface whose maximum input resolution is 1920×1200@60Hz, maximum band width is 165MHz and physical resolution is 1920×1200.

As the LED display areas getting larger than dozens of square meters which means the physical resolution is over 1920×1200. That’s to say, every large LED wall is composed with several dependent display areas which driven by LED controller. So to joint processor application, combine several DVI output interface with seamless joint of the whole screen is enough.