The Future Development Priorities of Large Screen Display Published:2016-07-18

Innovation. Nowadays, the application of large screen display is very normal and the colorful outdoor LED displays implies the prosperous development of the city. The fierce competition comes with the development which drives the manufactures to develop technology and products with added value to cement its position in market. New products are come out through combining the joint technology with internet and intelligent technology. 

Application. At the early stage of product development, the improvement of product capabilities decided the development speed. However, as the domestic display device have reach to a point from where you can not count on the capabilities and light or change of some specifications. The various applications now have great influence on the further product development for there is a limitation for product capabilities, not for applications. Due to the phenomenon of homogeneity in LED displays, the innovation on application is an important way.

The large screen joint should keep same quality under the low price competition. As many knows, the manufactures of large screen joint imported the panel from Japan and Korea and chip from America. In order to control the cost and keep the quality in upstream, the further and stable cooperation with panel manufactures is necessary.

Service. As a high technology industry, large screen joint should always keep customer-centric service spirit. Professional service including information processing, at-home service, feedback and user return which are USP for merchants under the condition of nuances in product and tech. Personalized service is an essential factor to the development of the brand.