Indoor Places Application of LED Display Screen Published:2016-07-15

The brightness of the indoor LED display is more than 1500cd/m2,through seamless joint it can compose indoor LED wall in any size. Although we need to compress some pictures or videos to fix the small display size,and can not see the individual LED if the screen was too close from the viewing spot,but LED display has its irreplaceable advantages such as better uniformity,longer life time up to 100,000 hours, easy and quick installation on-site,which make it become more and more popular in display market.

Comparing to LCD and DLP displays,you will find out the differences among them.If you want to have a HD visual of DLP display within 17m viewing distance,you have to joint several DLP display units together with high contrast and high brightness light source which cost a lot of money. Moreover, DIP display will get dusty or collision with other equipment on the screen during the Event. That’s why more and more company are looking for LED display to replace DLP.

To LCD display, the uniformity of image would easily broke on a video meeting display and at the same time, the brightness is too low for a auditorium environment within 17 meters.

However, to LED display, as the minimum viewing distance is 17 meters and the display area is about 72 square meters, the disadvantages of LED joint display wall can be ignored. Plus with the decline of electronic products cost, the LED display with long life time and easy maintenance is becoming more popular.