LED Small Pixel Pitch Technology Needed in the Monitor Field Published:2016-07-08

Large screen display is always an important part of the LED development. It applies in all kinds of major sports events, entertainment shows, plaza and two sides of main streets. 

In monitor field, the advantages of LED display, such as high brightness, long lifetime, flexible size design and added advertisement value are gradually applied in the monitor projects.

As the traditional LED displays mostly applied in outdoor environment, in the monitor field which needs HD indoor display, LCD or DIP are more popular than traditional LED display. However, with the development of LED display technology in small pixel pitch and the increasing demand of HD in monitor field, the demand for LED display applied in monitor area is increasing.

Now, LED, LCD, DIP, PDP displays all are needed in the market. While considering the tiled technology, brightness, environment protection and energy saving, small pixel pitch LED display with high definition fills the traditional LED display imperfection. At the meantime, this advantage also drives the development of LED display.