The Causes of LED Display Accident and Avoidable Measures Published:2016-07-04

There are several factors defined the project costs of LED display, such as the unit price of LED display, the construction of steel structure, associated equipment and heavy-light current routing.

Nowadays, the market information is quite transparent, so the unit price of LED light is almost the same. On this condition, how can manufactures benefit more from this market? More and more manufactures choose to lower standards of steel structure design, the wires standard and replace them with low-quality steel which caused the accidents.

Substandard design of steel structure 

To reduce the cost of steel structure construction, when making the LED display, many manufactures ignore the specification for building structure and safety factors which left huge security hidden dangers to steel structure.

According to experience, the construction security of LED display bases on the assembly drawing which combined the accurate calculating with the empirical data applied in practice. No security, no benefit. So these kinds of accidents must be prevented in the process of assembly drawing.

Substandard construction of steel structure 
Revealed from following aspects,

1) the chaos construction site with unreasonable management, 2) substandard electricity using on the construction site 3) scaffolding under the standard 4) lack of self-protection of employee.

According to the standard of electricity using on the construction site, level 3 power distribution system, TNS neutral protection system and two-stage electric leakage protection system should be adopted to avoid leaving the hidden security dangers.

Setting up the scaffolding is an important part of steel structure construction which needs the accurate calculating and plan demonstration. To eliminate the insecurity when setting up the scaffolding, carry on the construction according to the specifications and monitor all the time are also necessary.

Safety helmet, safety belt, safety net are three main safeguards to protect from construction accidents. Safety helmet is a must need for constructor on the site. According to analysis, the more the builder knows about the safety education and the more perfect the safety education system the enterprises own, the less the security accident occurs.