How Can Small Pitch LED Displays Apply In The Rental Market? Published:2016-06-29

Nowadays, small pitch LED display is quite popular, while it becomes a new concept to many when it related to rental market.  After all, the previous rental displays have lager pitch which normally is over 2.5mm. However, with the popularity that small pitch LED displays dominate the LED market, how can it take the rental market?

Thanks to the mature development of small pitch technology and the reducing of the cost, enterprises can get rid of the price war through the high profit. At the same time, the core strength can be made according to the relatively high entry qualification of technology. In a word, now the small pitch rental display is becoming the new driving to the LED display

Meanwhile, with the higher demand on the quality of the display, the audience can enjoy the unparalleled HD visual feast in the field of high-end rental market, such as the Spring Festival Gala, the auto show, the conference center. The small pitch rental display can take a place in the high-end rental market.

It is worth mentioning that in the field of high-end leasing, both the quality and technology in foreign are better than in the domestic during the early years. And now, due to the development of the small pitch rental displays, the small pitch rental displays in domestic are as good as or even better than in foreign. We believed that with the reducing of the price, the small pitch display can share the future market.

The small pitch rental displays can be in full development with the proper control of the cost combined with the maturity of the technology. In the future, rental LED display will have better development with the features of standard specifications, HD, high density, multi-screen, safe and fast installation, easy maintenance, light cabinets which sets the tone for the development of the small pitch rental displays.