The three factors lead LED display development-Interactivity, Big Data, Visual Impact Published:2016-06-28

First of all, the interaction is a great important factor that affects LED display development. Interaction is service. For outdoor advertising, it is very important to find a suitable service way and service value. Now, LED displays are mainly focus on the interaction between audience and media through APPs and Wechat which means enterprise, should break the traditional industry thinking, and change into a service platform. New ways of various interactions, personal customization and professional information services on the platform which can make the platform a convenient way for audience to gather information and attract more to involve it. These are all possible ways for LED advertising development.

Secondly, the big data is bound to be an important factor for the LED display development. The database which is established by media and not restricted by time and space is used by outdoor media to learn the user’s "viewing behavior". Besides, the contents settings of the outdoor media are closely associated with big data, because the outdoor LED media has its own standard capacity: the total length and single length of ads. These settings are closely associated with the audience’s visual time which needs the relevant information of big data to define the capacity of the media.  Finally, outdoor LED media design is also need to be defined according to the outcome of audience’s favor of outdoor LED visual by analyzing big data.

Finally, visual impact is essential to the development of LED display. The surprising visual impact to the audience can yield amazing result. ."Virtual realistic, gorgeous interaction, giant", all are new development directions of outdoor advertising. For example, the glasses-free 3D LED display is very popular these years which enrich the audience imagination. The needs of audience must be taken into consideration if the outdoor media want to be outstanding among spread medium. Enrich its visual performance and produce strong visual impact are necessary for better spreading.