LED Displays and Culture+ Products Published:2016-06-14

Culture+ product is a creation to turn the Culture into a product close to reality. This creation can both develop and transfer the traditional culture but also impart new contents into traditional manufacturers. 

There are two common Culture+ products in LED display area. One works as the carrier, the abnormity LED screen and stage or the architecture.LED abnormity screen is on the basis of the LED display into a special shape of the LED display screen, in order to better adapt to the environment of the overall structure and the use requirement. 

And the other one is the LED screen being culture product itself such as LED oil painting, which is an electronic oil painting. Plus the gorgeous frame bounding, and brilliant painted contents, simply speaking, it is the combination of LED screen and oil painting frames. There is less  

Now is different, on the one hand, as the economic development both at domestic and abroad, elements of Internet penetration in all walks of life, the user's information demand on industry is improving, more and more companies began to use creative LED display store merchandise and brand display and interactive experience of consumers, etc. As creative LED technology breakthrough, on the other hand, accumulation and market awareness, some enterprises do not want to be circled by homogenization in the fierce market competition, then gradually invent culture+ creative LED products to meet the market demand.