LED Display Applied in Market Segmentation Published:2016-05-25

Less profit, low price competition, product homogeneity, a series of changes have been taken place in the LED display market, some enterprises devoted to more professional, fine products. Not only the regular LED display, but also the small spacing LED display products are also subdivided into this a big trend of the divided application market. It is believed that the next breakthrough point for LED display enterprises’ development should be applications in market segmentation.

1. Video Conference

Ultra-high resolution, excellent color reduction ability, seamless coherent vision, nanosecond response speed, and low power consumption, all these advantages helps the small pixel led display stepped into high-end display system. Modern enterprise conference rooms, large video conference rooms, especially the big companies are not only the meeting, staff training and other internal functions, with external communication function, customer reception, business negotiation, its design directly affect the enterprise image, therefore, the enterprise investment will spare no effort, no doubt is a typical application effect is the highest. The promotion of the application of LED display with small spacing formed a highly unified supply and demand.

2. Theme Park

Large domestic theme park construction boom has injected huge funds for tourism industry; it is also a great opportunity for the LED display industry. As a traditional advantageous product in the field of outdoor display, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, no flat-fell seam, long life, can realize the advantages of the arbitrary shape, has become the darling of the exhibition display equipment, theme parks. In recent years, in a small space, touch, fuelled by a 3 d display technologies such as in the field of outdoor LED display can not only present more clearly and fine image, achieve the function of richer interaction. In indoor exhibition hall, command scheduling application also has good prospects; LED display is expected to be the first choice of the indoor theme pavilions large screen display equipment.

3. Intelligent City

LED display is now closely related to intelligent construction of city, public security, traffic; it will also promote the development and popularization of the high-speed market. Small spacing LED display, as the mainstream of alternative large-screen display technology, will also play to the advantages of its inherent excellent display. Intelligent city as a national key development after strengthening infrastructure projects will be attached great importance to the government. As the important media of information transition, LED display’s grasping the city development is of great significance.